Friday, February 1, 2013

Driving Late to the Party: The Kansas Poems by Jeff Worley

Driving Late to the Party: The Kansas Poems by Jeff Worley

80 pages


ISBN-13: 978-0-9854586-7-6

Praise for Jeff Worley's Poetry

The Only Time There Is
"Jeff Worley has carefully seasoned his considerable talent and fidelity to his craft, and his poetic voice now rewards us with this fine and various volume of poems on the enduring subjects-the living, the dead, and the human events that move us through our time." -Paul Zimmer

"Jeff Worley's deceptively simple narratives evoke an affirmative generosity of spirit. This is an alluring and unforgettable first book."-Ron Wallace

"Though it's the delicate, yet hard-edged love poems that I love best in this wonderful debut, there are pleasures on every page." -Stephen Dunn

Happy Hour at the Two Keys Tavern
"Jeff Worley is a poet of uncommon precision, whose sense of detail reminds me of the 'perfect pitch' of certain musicians-so that his poems seem to glow with an inner light, with the aura of a thing looked at with such love and attention it becomes a projection of the speaker's most inner self. This fine collection evokes the exhilaration provided by only the most accomplished and serious art. -Michael Van Walleghen

"Each poem in this collection is carefully crafted, built on a foundation of vigorous diction, acute perception and quiet epiphany. Worley's voice is measured and sure . . . a voice worth hearing." -The Wichita Eagle

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